This web site is created with you in mind, the true Jazz connoisseur.  The JGQ would like you to sit back and download some of the timeless classics of the modern day Jazz Repertoire, played with passion and commitment by some of the finest Jazz musicians in the local Southern California area.  Compromise is never an option.  Freedom of musical expression is always a priority.  Cast caution to the wind and set sail onto the vast sea of truth and knowledge called Jazz.

Our newest CD, She for Whom the Sun Does Shine, has a very fine line-up: Wal Shaffer bass, Bill Fulton piano, Paul Goldberg drums, and the outstanding trumpet playing of Bob Summers.  It's title song piece is an ancient hymn about the Egyptian sun goddess (Nefertiti) written by her husband (Akhnaton) in 1360 B.C..  Also on the disc is an arrangement of "Tangerine/Girl Talk" along with some original Jazz standards written by some of the masters of Jazz composition which I am sure you will enjoy.

Our previous CD, Nica's Dream, features the fine trumpet playing of Jerry Rusch and Chris Tedesco.  It contains two new original compositions, "Cliff-Hanger" and "New Places."  Nica's Dream was featured on the Brad Billings Jazz Radio show broadcast on radio frequency 89.1 FM by the University of Redlands, Redlands, California.

So, there you have it, two beautiful ladies, Nica and Nefertiti.  It's time to zone out, close your eyes, and tune into the JGQ.

Musically yours,


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